University of Tennessee Students Stand with TradWorker

The liberal rag Knoxville News Sentinel has reported that students at UTK have put up TWP flyers, in protest of ANTIFA activist Kitty Stryker.

The news reported:

“The flyers were posted in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building and were removed Thursday because they were found to be in violation of the campus’ literature distribution policy, university spokeswoman Karen Simsen said. The policy requires any posted literature to be affiliated with a student organization or on-campus department. It does not say anything about hate speech or restricting the types of messages that can be distributed or posted.”

TradWorker has extensively reviewed UTK’s policies, and in no way were the TWP flyers that students put up in violation of ANY of said policies, nor are flyers required to be “affiliated with a student organization or on-campus department”. That being said, what does violate UTK’s policies on “Incidents of Bias” is allowing a spokes”woman” from ANTIFA to come speak on campus, who openly advocates and teaches workshops on: harassment, intimidation, coercion, vandalism, objectifying women, and violence; all of which are in open violation of UTK’s policies.

Not only did UTK violate its own policies by allowing ANTIFA to come spread their message of terror on campus, but they allowed the student organization SEAT, who invited Stryker to speak, to violate Tennessee’s new State Law  regarding free speech on TN’s campuses. According to Stryker:

“One of the SEAT organizers saw me and asked what was going on, so I showed her and said, ‘This is Nazi propaganda. It’s all down the hallway. Can we take them down?’ So, we did.”

By removing said flyers, SEAT has violated Section 6 of the Tennessee Campus Free Speech Act, which states:

(7) “Although all students and all faculty are free to state their own views about and contest the views expressed on campus, and to state their own views about and contest speakers who are invited to express their views on the institution’s campus, they may not substantially obstruct or otherwise substantially interfere with the freedom of others to express views they reject or even loathe. To this end, an institution has a responsibility to promote a lively and fearless freedom of debate and deliberation and protect that freedom”

Not only did SEAT and Kitty Stryker remove the TWP flyers, which were put up by students in 100% accordance with TN State Law and UTK policy, but Styker took it even further by openly calling for violence against UTK students in TWP, saying:

“Fuck off, Nazi scum, I swear to God I will fuck you up”

How can Traditional students feel safe on their own campus, when UTK allows guest speekers and liberal student groups to not only attack their 1st Amendment Rights, but to threaten them physically for exercising said Right?

The University of Tennessee (Knoxville) owes a public apology to: Traditionalist Worker Party (a federally registered political party), the students who put up the flyers (for violating their 1st Amendement Right, and for allowing them to be physically threatened), and to the State of Tennessee (for violating her laws). Not only are we demanding a public apology, but we also demand that SEAT be reprimanded for violating UTK policy and TN State Law, and call upon UTK to ensure that Traditionalist and conservative students and their Rights are protected.

We call upon all Traditionalists, conservatives, and/or protectors of the 1st Amendment to call UTK and Tennessee lawmakers, to complain about this open violation of Tennessee State Law.



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