Nationalist Front Opposes Child Murder at University of Tennessee Knoxville

The University of Tennessee Knoxville hosted a Chinese lesbian speaker, who has only been in the States since 1993. She gave a speech titled “Abortion is Normal“, which coincides with a national campaign of death and murder, bearing the name #shoutyourabortion. This speaker was invited to the UTK campus by the Sociology Department of UTK, among other feminist student and faculty unions. The fact that the entire UTK Sociology Department stands behind this sort of murderous rhetoric is beyond disgusting. Nationalist Front decided that we must take a stand against such vile beliefs being pushed upon our students, at a taxpayer funded institution.

Members of Traditionalist Worker Party and League of the South went down to the UTK campus, to confront the degenerate rhetoric of child torture/murder, which was being propagated at OUR taxpayer funded college campus. The speakers made a public statement asking people with opposing viewpoints to come and speak their minds, stating:

 “For any given event, we would encourage people who hold viewpoints opposed to the speaker’s viewpoint to attend the event and engage in debate and discussion of the issues.”

Nationalist Front decided to take them up on this offer. We went to this den of murderous rancor, to defend the Traditional Christian values of life in OUR hometown.

We arrived at the Panhellenic Building at 7:30pm, to voice our Christian Volunteer viewpoints. We silently walked into the auditorium, with posters reading: “Abortion is Murder”, “Abortion is NOT normal”, and “Not in OUR city”. We never even opened our mouths during the stand-in, as to avoid violating our State’s “Campus Free Speech Act”. We simply stood in the middle of the lecture, stoically holding our signs in opposition to such vile rhetoric.

The building manager came up to us stating that we were “violating their safe space, and making people feel uncomfortable”. We quietly told them that the speaker made an open invite to even opposition. We were told that the UT police had been called on us, and that we would be arrested for refusing to leave. In order to avoid confrontation (something the Left can’t grasp), we went directly outside to show our signs to passersby.

The UTK police didn’t arrive until they had gathered enough officers to outnumber us. They came up to us stating “we have had numerous conflicting reports on what happened”, which tells me that the Left were making false statements to Law Enforcement. We stated our case, and showed them the news article, which clearly stated that the event was an “open invite”. They told us that we would have to contact UTK about this misrepresentation of said invite, which we will be following up on this week. After this conversation, the police told us to be safe and proceeded inside to “protect their safe space” (something that doesn’t even exist in TN, by law). This situation clearly shows us that the Left is NOT interested in dialogue, but simple degenerate rhetoric and propaganda, which UTK should be held accountable for.

We proceeded to show our signs to oncoming traffic and passersby. We received numerous thumbs-up, horn honks, and people shaking our hands (not a single opposing view). After we stood there for about a hour, the attendees of the murder seminar exited through side doors, and we went back to our vehicles, with no confrontation (yes, we are peaceful Traditionalists, not “violent haters”).

I was beyond proud of the stoic actions of our members, in face of such enraging calls for the murder of our most INNOCENT victims of modernism. University of Tennessee has rapidly devolved into a brainwashing camp of CULTural Marxism. The UTK campus is funded by the taxpaying citizens of the great state of Tennessee, yet it is dominated by foreign and non-Christian propaganda. These unnatural and unChristian viewpoints must not be allowed to take hold in our Christian founded State of Tennessee.

The Nationalist Front calls upon all TRUE Volunteers (taxpaying citizens) to stand against the open institutionalized CULTural Marxism of the UTK campus. We MUST stop watching their bread and circus shows (UT sports), to show that if UTK refuses to adhere the the cultural norms of the Christian South then we will refuse to fund them. We must contact our State Representatives, demanding that UTK follow OUR cultural norms, not those of the unChristian foreign radical Left. We must stand for Christ and our Folk, not circuses and degeneracy. Without this unified stance, our state will become a den of: murder, degeneracy, and sin. We must rely upon our Folk to put upon the Armour of Christ, in order to take back our Christian lands. United we will win!

Here is an interview the Franklin Free Press conducted with one of the protesters:

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