Knoxville Stands Against Antifa Threats on November 4th

Members of the League of the South, Traditionalist Worker Party, and National Alliance gathered in Knoxville, TN to stand against Antifa’s threats of mass riots. We gathered in the Knoxville area at noon, prepared our banners, and went to an overpass over I-40, to show the public that “Knox [is] Against Antifa”. We stood on the overpass for about an hour, getting 98% positive responses from oncoming traffic. Some people even showed their support for us online.


Here is a quick video of us on the bridge

After the overpass demo, the guys with licenses hit the woods for a quick squirrel hunt. After the hunt, one of the guys gave a demo on field dressing and butchering  squirrels. The squirrels were then used for Squirrel and Dumplings.

Since it’s the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Revolution, we nailed a poster of Lenin to a dead tree, and Matthew Heimbach gave an excellent speech about the Communist Revolution. After Matthew’s speech, some of the goys shot the poster with scatterguns, giving Lenin a mock execution, for the murderous rampage he started 100 years ago.

Matthew Heimbach’s Speech 

After the speech, we all ate supper and discussed our future plans for the region. Once it got dark, we proceeded outside to burn some degenerate books that we had gotten out of a local bookstore’s free book bin, as to keep them out of the hands of our Folk. We proceeded to purify the degenerate propaganda with fire.

November 4th Book Burning

Even though Antifa never showed their cowardly faces in Knoxville, our day was still very productive. We shared our anti-Communist message to Knoxville, which went viral, due to local support. We got to brush up on our hunting and shooting skills. We kept degenerate books out of the hands of our people. Most importantly, we got to spend the day in comradery with our brothers and sisters in the Cause.

East TN is rapidly becoming a hub for White Nationalist activism. We hope to see y’all at the next event. Hail Victory!

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