Traditionalist Worker Party Protests MLK Day

White nationalists have known for years now that MLK was a communist plant and a sexual deviant. People called us conspiracy kooks and dismissed our Truths as “racist propaganda”, but the newly released FBI Kennedy Files have exposed MLK to be exactly what we have always said he was, namely: a (((controlled))) communist pervert. There is no denying it now. The cucks can worship in front of the Golden Calf of MLK, but the Truth is spreading far and wide. Our future generations will soon know MLK as nothing more than a sick excuse for a black man.

TradWorker decided to capitalize on this newly released information, and took a stand against the holiday dedicated to this monster, and spread the Truth about his degeneracy across Knoxville. We first hit the entire city with flyers exposing MLK for what he truly was.


We then went into the MLK orchestra show, which had the audacity to declare Beethoven a Social Justice Warrior, and dropped over a hundred fliers throughout the theater.


Afterwards, our student wing went to The Rock, on University of Tennessee campus, and tagged “MLK Was A Commie Pervert”.

Traditionalist Worker Party TN will continue to confront the dozens of MLK celebrations in Knoxville, until this rapist is recognized for what he is.

We are not saying that blacks can’t celebrate their heroes, but we hope that they will soon start celebrating the True heroes of their race, such as: Marcus Garvey, Fred Hampton, George S. Schuyler, Benjamin Singleton, and other black men who promoted the self-reliance and self-betterment of the black race. No people, blacks especially, should be celebrating a (((controlled))) integrationist, who sought to destroy black race through abortion and hand black business over to the Jews. One day, the true heroes of the black race will be recognized and the traitors, such as MLK, will be quickly forgotten. Until then, TWP will continue to fight for the Truth.

Hail Victory!

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