UT Vice Chancellor Caught in Lie

The Vice Chancellor of University of Tennessee Ryan Robinson was recently quoted in by Knoxville News Sentinel report, regarding Matthew Heimbach’s speech at UT.  Robinson was quoted as saying:

“”We have serious concerns that this group misrepresented the nature of the event and their affiliations…Someone called the university last month to reserve space at the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture using the name of a local church as the host”

This is an outright lie, used to discredit Heimbach’s presence on campus and get his speech banned. We can’t say we are surprised at the dishonesty of Beverly Davenport’s subordinates, but to state such obvious and malicious slander is even a bit far for them. TradWorker, WALNUT, and others who are involved in organizing this event will be looking into a defamation suit against both UT and Mr Robinson, if these statements aren’t retracted and an apology made.

Here is the paperwork, which vindicates us from this malicious slander:



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